A Salt Water Flush Detox for Cleansing

While performing a flush, you will also be detoxifying your kidneys and liver. These are two very important organs our body needs in order to purge toxins out. To prepare yourself for a salt water flush, it is a good idea to fast the night before. The evening prior to your flush, abstain from eating … [Read more…]

Drug distributors under fire in West Virginia painkiller epidemic

KERMIT, West Virginia –The state of West Virginia is suing pharmacies and drug distributors accused of making millions pushing narcotics to anyone who wants them. No state has had more trouble with prescription pain pills, and no town more trouble than Kermit — population 400. Undercover video of Kermit’s main pharmacy shows scores of people … [Read more…]

The Simple Way to Clean Dirty Windows

Many people have discovered that regardless of what window cleaner they use on their own exterior windows, there is certainly always some type of residue left on their windows. Also, there are times when your windows are only filthy and traditional window cleaners can’t get the job done. Many individuals can relate to having chalky … [Read more…]